Saint Rita
Catholic Church
Christmas Vigil  2007

Today, once again, as we have
done for 2007 years, we
celebrate the birth of our Lord
and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The
Sanctuary is decorated for the
birthday party, beautifully lit and
The tree is the focal point of the
party. This tree was rejected by
its previous owners and slated
for the recycle bin. But it has
been resurrected and has
become our cornerstone.
The star on top led the
shepherds to the manger. Below
the star is the angel who
announced to the world that the
Savior is born in Bethlehem,
and he shall be called
Emmanuel, meaning “God is
with us”.
Below the angel is the  infant
Jesus, the birthday boy. He has
come to the earth to save us
and  open the  gates  of heaven
for all mankind.
The birthday cake will be lit
during  Mass  as  we  sing a
birthday song to Jesus. Then
Father Wichlan, the_”Persona
Christe ,”  the Person of Christ,
will blow out the candle,
symbolizing Christ’s birth. There
is only one candle, meaning that
each single day, every day of
the year, not just today, we
celebrate the birthday of Jesus
as we approach the altar at
Mass to receive this Holy Gift of
the Eucharist.
The gift of the Infant Jesus in a
wall hanging will be  given to
each of the  families  at this Vigil
Mass to be taken home  and
placed in a prominent place for
all to see  and give thanks  for
the  coming of Our Savior,
Jesus the Christ.