Lay Ministers Schedules
Saint Rita
Catholic Church
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                                               Permanent Minister / Server Schedule
                             (Please get your own substitute if you cannot make your assigned time. Do not call Father Wichlan)

 1st Sunday
  5:00pm           B. Beekman                 J. Williams/ B. Beekman              Sebastian                  Pfister Family
  8:00am           S. Butler                       S. Butler / R. Windom                  R. Windom                Kieffer Family
 10:00am         C. Blair                         C. Blair / J. Hanson                     Gabriel/Drew              vacancy

 2nd Sunday
  5:00pm          N. Pfister                      N. Pfister / J. Hanson                     Sebastian                 vacancy
  8:00am          M. Jackson                   M. Jackson/ J.Williams                   R. Windom                Blanchard
 10:00am        B.  Meyer                      B. Meyer/ D. Murray                      Gabriel/Andrea         Nguyen

 3rd Sunday
  5:00pm           M. Manson                    M. Manson/B. Beekman                N. Whyte                  vacancy         
  8:00am           J. Ulett                           J. Ulett /M. Jackson                       R. Windom               vacancy
 10:00am         P. Hermann                   P. Hermann /B. Hermann              Gabriel/Noah            Holy Name

 4th Sunday
  5:00pm           M. Manson                    M. Manson / J.Williams                 Sebastian                  vacancy
  8:00am           M. Jackson                  M.  Jackson/ R. Windom               R. Windom                Kieffer
 10:00am         V. Gremaud                   V. Gremaud / D. Murray               Gabriel/Andrea         Houghton Family

 5th Sunday
  5:00pm           N. Pfister                      N. Pfister /J. Williams                    Sebastian                  Black Family
  8:00am           M. Jackson                   M.Jackson / R. Windom                R. Windom                Blanchard
 10:00am         B. Meyer                       B. Meyer/ B. Beekman                 Gabriel/Andrea           Mesa     

                          Please call Bill Beekman regarding corrections or changes at 575-2503

 Lectors/ Ministers                                                 Servers
            S. Butler 428-4883               P. Hermann 423-6508                             Gabriel
R. Windom 314-581-6924   C. Blair 423-6866                               Andrea
            N. Pfister 428-9073              B. Beekman 575-2503                        
            B. Meyer 863-3695              J. Hanson 427-0249                            
             J. Ulett 428-0872                J. Williams 997-0436                           
            C. Fisher 426-0988              D. Murray-Dahnir 863-1655               
     R. Windom
            V. Gremaud 427-1253         M. Jackson 203-5877
            M. Manson 989-0355           
N. Whyte  721-4522  

                                                    Music Liturgy Schedule
                                      Guitar music liturgy:     2nd Saturday of the month
                                                                          4th Saturday & Sunday of the month
                                      Organ / piano liturgy:    all other Saturday & Sunday masses.
updated Dec. 29, 2017