Saint Rita
Catholic Church
Trivia Night  -  2011
"Spirit Winners"
Mike and Terri Reynoso and friends
Jim Staudt        Steve Benoist    Nick Pfister
Denny Gale
with St. Rita
on his shoulder
"We got spirit, how 'bout you!"
"Spirit" Runners-up
   The Saints
plus the "Unsaint"
Bob and Bonny
Gary Rensing
Fred Beekman
Jack and Mary Tevlin
 Jim Beekman
Mrs.         Dayrl               Betty                           Jim and Karen
Lefever   Houghton         Hermann                        Lefever
Jimmy Neihoff    Gary Rensing      Tony Larrigan
Linda and Rich
          A great big thank you from the Holy Name
Society                           to all who helped make this event such a
wonderful success, especially those who attended and played,
making it so much fun.
                                             See ya' next year.