Saint Rita
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A very recent article and statement on EWTN quoted the Holy Father, Pope
Francis, who warned against the sin of gossip. He explained that the Apostles, like
all men, were sinners. But one sin they did not commit was the sin of gossip. See
our parish Facebook page for the entire article.

Ladies and gentlemen; on June 24 the 18th Annual Holy Name Golf Tournament was held at beautiful
Rith Park in University City. We had a sell-out crowd again. The weather was gorgeous, thanks to all
your prayers. Tony Reynoso and the men of the Holy Name Society ran a great tournament. Thanks to
all the golfers and sponsors who helped make it a success. See you in August for the 9 hole tournament.
Holy Name Golf Tournaments.
The 2nd Annual St. Rita Parish BBQ was held on AUGUST 5 from 11:00 am until 6:30 pm. ST RITA
PITMASTERS Tony Reynoso,  and Doug Paluczak sold out their delectable Ribs, Pork Steaks, and
Brisket plates, along with Burgers, Brats and All Beef Dogs, drinks and sides by 2pm.. Dine in or Carry
Out. Thanks to all who helped and enjoyed the day with fellow parishioners.
Solemn Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Tuesday, August 15, is the Feast of the Assumption. This is a Holy Day of Obligation. All Catholics
must attend Mass on this day. Masses are scheduled at 8:30am and 7pm on Tuesday. It is the
teaching of the Church that Mary"s
body and soul were taken to heaven after her death.