Saint Rita
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Parish News
A very recent article and statement on EWTN quoted the Holy Father, Pope
Francis, who warned against the sin of gossip. He explained that the Apostles, like
all men, were sinners. But one sin they did not commit was the sin of gossip. See
our parish Facebook page for the entire article.
Parish "town hall" meeting. "Looking to the Future"
On Sunday, October 1, after the 10am Mass, a parish meeting was held in the church hall. It started with an
Archdiocesan rep, Mr. Jerry Amsler, giving a presentation on our finances. Then he invited thoughts from the audience.
Many ideas were floated ; asking for more offertory donations, increasing volunteerism, increasing fund raisers. Stay
tuned for more info as our parish works through these difficult times.
Season of Advent.
Another church year is coming to a close. Next Sunday is the Feast of
Christ the King. This day officially ends the church year. Then the
following Sunday, December 3, Is the first week of Advent, the beginning
of a new church year. "
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord".
Thanksgiving Day Mass.
There will be only one mass on Thursday, November 23: Mass will be at
Breakfast with Santa is back.
Santa will be visiting St. Rita church on Sunday, December 10 after the
10am Mass. Bring the kids and grandkids for an enjoyable day. Coffee,
juice and donuts will be available, compliments of the Holy Name