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Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
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Archdiocesan Guidelines concerning the resumption of public Mass
Health Guidelines for returning to public Masses.
FAQs regarding returning to public Masses.
St. Rita Parish guideline for returning to  Mass.
Stations of the Cross - Overcoming Racism 1 & 2
Stations of the Cross - 3 & 4
Stations of the Cross - 5 & 6
Stations of the Cross - 7 & 8
Stations of the Cross - 9 & 10
Stations of the Cross - 11 & 12
Stations of the Cross - 13 & 14
Relief Aid for Hurricane and Wildfire Victims- click here
Retirement Letter from Archbishop Rozanski
Passing of Ann McIntyre.
A longtime parishioner and lovely lady, Mrs. McIntyre's funeral Mass, a celebration of her life, was held on Monday, October 19 at
10:30am. May she rest in peace.  Attendance was for family members only.
Seven Signs of a Vibrant Parish
Bishop Rivituso letter reflects on the recent Town Hall at St. Ritas
Town Hall meeting at St. Ritas in October 2020
Letter to Parishioners- Oct. 2020