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Archdiocesan Guidelines concerning the resumption of public Mass
Health Guidelines for returning to public Masses.
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Stations of the Cross - 1 & 2
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Seven Signs of a Vibrant Parish
Bishop Rivituso letter reflects on the recent Town Hall at St. Ritas
Town Hall meeting at St. Ritas in October 2020
Letter to Parishioners- Oct. 2020
Town Hall Meeting.
To address the issues raised at the Town Hall meeting on October 15, the parish council has the lead roll to prepare the plan requested by Bishop
Rivituso, with participation and input from parishioners. For those of you on the parish Eblast list, you should have received the pertinent documents.
All parishioners will recieve the documents in the mail. The plan is due to the Archdiocese by January 18, 2021.

If you consider yourself a parishioner but have not registered, please call the parish office (428-4845) to register.

Also, the parish office does not have up-to-date phone numbers for many parishioners. if you have not received a phone call from the parish council
in recent months, please call the office and give us your updated number.
Stations of the Cross for Overcoming Racism
Beacon of Hope.
Notice the light display trees on the north lawn at night. There is life and light at St. Ritas. The trees are the work of the
evangelization commission. Let all see the living spirit at St. Rita Parish.  
"Super Trivia Night".
Our famous trivia night party has succumbed to the throes of the corona virus. Our fondest hope is to continue with the best trivia
night in St. Louis. Hopefully by late spring or during the summer we can get together once again for an evening of renewed
friendship and lots of fun. In the meantime, go to our "Photo Gallery" to view pics from many events that have happened over the
years here at St. Ritas. Trivia night was our most successful fund raiser for our parish, so we certainly hope to continue this
tradition as soon as we can- safely.
Parish Response Plan to the October 2020 Town Hall Meeting.
Letter from Pope Francis inre St. Joseph