Saint Rita
Catholic Church
Parish News
A very recent article and statement on EWTN quoted the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who warned against the sin of gossip. He
explained that the Apostles, like all men, were sinners. But one sin they did not commit was the sin of gossip. See our parish
Facebook page for the entire article.
Weekly Liturgy schedule update.
We will celebrate only 1 Mass on the weekends: Sunday at 9:30.
On Tuesdays we will celebrate Mass with Monsignor Turek at 8:30am, preceded by the Rosary at 8am and Our Lady of
Perpetual Help devotions at 8:20am.
On Thursdays we will have a Communion Service administered by Deacon Dave at 8:30am, following the daily Rosary.
The Rosary will be prayed every day at 8am.
Facilities Committee.
Deacon Dave has started this committee for the purpose of identifying and repairing problems in and around our
parish complex: clogged gutters, weeds in the sidewalks, areas needing cleaning or paint, etc. If you would like
to help out with our maintenance efforts, let Dave know asap.  
Parish BBQ.
Come and enjoy the famous "St. Rita Pitmasters" grilled meats. We will be serving from 11-3 on Saturday, August 24. If you
wish to pre-order, call Tony at (314)369-6729. Eat in at the church hall or carry out. All profits go to the Parish.
Annual Golf Tournament - The "Deacon Lou".
The St. Rita Golf Tournament is coming in September. This is our 19th Annual and 3rd Annual "Deacon Lou"
Memorial in honor of our beloved deacon who served St. Rita parish faithfully for 25 years. RIP Lou.