Saint Rita
Catholic Church
Parish News
A very recent article and statement on EWTN quoted the Holy Father, Pope
Francis, who warned against the sin of gossip. He explained that the Apostles, like
all men, were sinners. But one sin they did not commit was the sin of gossip. See
our parish Facebook page for the entire article.
Holy Name News.
We are very pleased to announce that this summer's golf tournaments and parish
bbq event were extremely successful. The weather was great for all events thanks
to all your prayers. We even mad a profit on the events, which will be put into the
Holy Name account to be used for parish needs. But most important, the
fellowship between all who participated was nothing short of outstanding. We are
laying plans for next year's tournaments and bbq. Thanks to all who made these
events fun-filled and financially successful.

Parish "town hall" meeting.
On Sunday, October 1, after the 10am Mass, a parish meeting is being held in the
church hall for the purpose of discussing and planning for the future of out parish.
Reps from the Archdiocese will be on hand to answer questions. All parishioners
are encouraged to attend.