Saint Rita
Catholic Church
Holy Name Golf Pics 2013
St. Rita Parish Holy Name Society wishes to express our sincere thanks
to all those that made this event so successful. Thanks to the Holy
Name men who put the sweat-equity in the event. Thanks to our loyal
sponsors who, year after year, help us financially and a special thanks
to the golfers. Its alway nice to see you all return each year for a day of
fun and fellowship, especially for the alumni from St. Rita School. May
St. Rita parish live long into the future.

 Chairman Mark Reynoso
goes over the tournament rules.
Scott Spinner   Brian Spinner   Will Spinner   Bill Case
"Get in the cart, Jim!"
Denny Gale                           Fred Beekman
       Old friends and alums of St. Rita School
Ken Grayem        Vince Galli     Jim Beckerle    Rich Redel
                                  2013 Tournament Champs
          Ken Grayem     Jim Grayem        John Grayem    Rich Redel
          Foursome minus one         Craig DeGarcia
Fred Beekman         John Preusser     Jim Beekman
              Renewing old friendships and having some laughs
Gene          Bob            Jim                     Dan           Vince       Steve
Brennan    Wiegert     Beckerle          Birke           Galli        Larrigan
    Gene                   Bob                Jim               Dan
Brennan               Wiegert           Beckerle       Birke
                Brian Gremaud                                 Mark Reynoso
              Rick                                Ike                         Harry                          Denny
             Davis                             Schroeder              Davis                         Scott
                      Tyler                        Sevi       Tom    
                  Reynoso   Nick       Reynoso  Reynoso
                  Steve         Don             Nick         Nick
                   Bira          Neise         Rauch      Pfister   
               Tom                   Tyler                     Sevi                 Nick
            Reynoso            Reynoso             Reynoso         Jacobsmeyer
September 14. 2013